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Biovision Diagnostics is a CLIA-registered medical laboratory that provides exceptional diagnostic testing services and specialty tests that empower precision medicine and improve people’s lives.


Our unwavering commitment to compliance and our personalized approach to serving our clients has positioned us as the premier specialty laboratory of choice for institutional clients and healthcare providers nationwide. Our superior customer service, proprietary test quality, and competitive pricing is why our clients choose to work with us.

Let us show you how we can deliver better testing solutions for your organization.

featured test:

Take control of your gut health with our Victus88 Dietary Antigen Test.

The most comprehensive at-home food sensitivity test available directly to consumers.

        • First test to compare four biomarkers to measure immune reactions to 88 food antigens.
        • Proprietary algorithm calculates the level of severity for each sensitivity 
        • Simple-to-read, actionable report puts you in control of your health.

Specialty Testing Services

Our testing portfolio is constantly evolving and expanding to meet the growing needs of our clinicians and their patients.